OUTing the Past Dublin 2021


LGBT+ rights activist Kieran Rose in conversation with Dr. Patrick McDonagh

For nearly fifty years Kieran Rose has been to the fore in advancing LGBT+ rights in Ireland. From his early years with the Cork Gay Collective in the 1980s, where he led the successful efforts to get the Irish Trade Union Movement to support gay rights, to his involvement with GLEN, which lobbied for the 1993 Criminal Law Amendment Act that finally decriminalised sexual activity between males in the Republic of Ireland, to his role in securing an amendment to the Unfair Dismissals Act in 1993 to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, the introduction of the Employment Equality Act 1998, and more recently his contribution to the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act in 2010, later paving the way for Marriage Equality in 2015, Kieran Rose has helped make Ireland a more progressive, inclusive and diverse society for all to live in. Kilmainham Gaol provides an appropriate backdrop to this conversation given Kieran’s involvement in the successful campaign in the late 20th century to remove the legislation which criminalised homosexuality. Those laws led to the incarceration of numerous of gay men in Kilmainham and other Irish gaols in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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